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About The Pallet Alliance

Pallet Alliance was founded in 1995 based on a simple vision – providing a pallet program tailored to each customer’s specific needs. Rather than simply selling pallets, Pallet Alliance provides custom pallet solutions for large, multi-site companies in the U.S. and Canada. Single-source accountability for design, integration, optimization and ongoing management differentiates Pallet Alliance from its competitors, providing collaborative, creative solutions tailored to efficiently meet each customer’s current and future requirements.

A culture of collaboration

Pallet Alliance believes in challenging the traditional customer-vendor relationship to create a collaborative partnership. This is achieved by looking at the customer’s complete supply chain picture, factoring in local demands with operations across the nation. The result? Exceeding customer expectations while optimizing cost, quality, and efficiency.

Pallet Alliance is committed to:

  • Evaluating all the factors that drive cost to bring maximum value
  • Balancing the needs of end users with pallet vendor capabilities
  • Questioning assumed limits and championing continuous improvement
  • Fostering a collaborative, empowering work culture
  • Considering the green dimension of our actions and minimizing our environmental impact
  • Embracing and promoting diversity in all business activities


Mike Jones, Principal, Pallet AllianceMichael Jones | Principal

Mike was brought on board Pallet Alliance in 2005 to modernize its information systems. While director of IT systems, Mike created the infrastructure necessary to support custom solutions and expansion of the company’s data analysis and presentation capabilities. In his current role, Mike helps develop innovative pallet-based solutions to provide customers with greater insight into their supply chain operations, giving Pallet Alliance customers a competitive advantage. Mike holds a B.A. from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Derek Kiser, Principal, Pallet AllianceDerek Kiser | Principal

Derek has worked for Pallet Alliance since 2007 managing customer relationships and developing pallet programs at the plant and corporate level. He concentrates on supply chain efficiency, new sales and implementation, brand development, continuous improvement and cost savings, strategic RFPs, and proactive departmental alignment. Derek graduated from East Carolina University in 2007 with a degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Management.

Tyson Steffens, Principal, Pallet AllianceTyson Steffens | Principal

Tyson joined Pallet Alliance in 2003 as a business development manager creating custom solutions for customers by working with them to bring process refinement, pallet design and sourcing together as a singular effort. He began his career as an operations manager for USG, managing production, quality and shipping. Tyson serves as a trusted advisor to customers and builds collaborative partnerships that deliver value at a plant and corporate level. Tyson holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from the The University of Akron and a MBA from the Kenan-Flagler Business School, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.


Dabney Beahm, Design and Implementation Specialist, Pallet AllianceDabney Beahm | Design and Implementation Specialist

Dabney brings an expertise in wood science, packaging materials and pallet design to his role designing and implementing customized pallet solutions to solve material handling challenges. Before joining Pallet Alliance, Dabney worked in the William Sardo pallet-testing lab at Virginia Tech and engaged in a pallet and packaging improvement initiative with a major plastic films manufacturer. Dabney holds a degree in Wood Science from Virginia Tech and leverages experience training with Best Load and PDS.


Joe Movic, Sales and Program Specialist, Pallet AllianceJoe Movic | Sales and Program Specialist

Joe has more than 10 years of experience championing sales and growth efforts for Pallet Alliance. As a program specialist, Joe focuses on program design, sales and implementation, leveraging extensive experience in program development, PDS pallet design and on-site environmental scans. Before joining Pallet Alliance, Joe worked with the Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design, the premier research lab in the world for packaging systems. Joe holds a degree in Wood Science and Forest Products with a concentration in Packaging Science from Virginia Tech, the premier and only school with a focus on pallets.

Mike Oakley, Design and Implementation Specialist, Pallet AllianceMike Oakley | Design and Implementation Specialist

Mike has worked within the pallet industry for over 20 years. His professional background as an operations manager for a recycled pallet company includes diverse experience and a unique skill set focusing on inventory control, material procurement, pallet construction and program development. He is well versed in understanding the needs of customers and ensuring products are designed to meet plant specifications.

Chandler Quesenberry, Pallet Program and Design Specialist, Pallet AllianceChandler Quesenberry | Pallet Program and Design Specialist

Chandler joined Pallet Alliance after earning his B.S. in Packaging Systems & Design and M.S. in Forest Products from Virginia Tech. His course of study focused on material science, sustainability and distribution packaging. His thesis project investigated the impact of pallet design on unit load performance. Chandler’s experience includes working in the Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design as a lab manager. He also held an internship with a large-scale plastic packaging supplier working on improving warehouse efficiencies. His role with Pallet Alliance includes custom pallet and unit load design, conducting site visits and supporting IoT initiatives.