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About The Pallet Alliance

Co-founded by Sandra and Paul Messinger in 1995, The Pallet Alliance is based on a simple vision – providing a pallet program tailored to each customer’s specific needs. Rather than simply selling pallets, The Pallet Alliance provides custom pallet solutions for large, multi-site companies in the U.S. and Canada. Single-source accountability for design, integration, optimization and ongoing management differentiates The Pallet Alliance from its competitors, providing collaborative, creative solutions tailored to efficiently meet each customer’s current and future requirements.

A culture of collaboration

The Pallet Alliance believes in challenging the traditional customer-vendor relationship to create a collaborative partnership. This is achieved by looking at the customer’s complete supply chain picture, factoring in local demands with operations across the nation. The result? Exceeding customer expectations while optimizing cost, quality, and efficiency.

The Pallet Alliance is committed to:

  • Evaluating all the factors that drive cost to bring maximum value
  • Balancing the needs of end users with pallet vendor capabilities
  • Questioning assumed limits and championing continuous improvement
  • Fostering a collaborative, empowering work culture
  • Considering the green dimension of our actions and minimizing our environmental impact
  • Embracing and promoting diversity in all business activities (including WBENC membership)


Sandra Messinger | Owner and President

Pallet Alliance cofounder Sandra Messinger draws on nearly 40 years of top-level leadership and management experience to ensure the company exceeds customer expectations in its daily operations while maintaining a culture of sustainable, continuous improvement. Sandra developed and continues to improve the company’s systems to provide best-in-class service, and keeps The Pallet Alliance pushing the boundaries of value that a pallet company can provide. Inspired by a true spirit of service and love, Sandra ensures The Pallet Alliance never loses sight of its mission: to create platforms for purposeful relationships.

Paul Messinger | Owner and Vice President

A 32-year veteran of the pallet industry, Paul has dedicated his career to solving customer challenges by developing efficient supply chain solutions. Paul began his career as just another pallet salesman in the Mid-Atlantic, but soon realized that finding a long-term antidote to end-user problems requires more than just selling pallets. This intuition led to the development of the pallet industry’s first national pallet program in 1989 and the creation of the Pallet Alliance in 1995 with his wife, Sandra. Today, Paul ensures that customers receive maximum value, no matter the application.


Tyson Steffens
Business Development Manager
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Joe Movic
Program Specialist
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Dabney Beahm
Design and Implementation Specialist
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Derek Kiser
Director, Process Development
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Michael Jones
Director, IT & Strategic Growth
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Steve Gronback
Operations Manager
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